5to9zine is a print publication about what people do when they’re not doing their day job. 5to9zine was founded by ChrisRWK and Dave and Holly of PEEL Magazine. We are a community of doers, makers, and shakers who hustle for our passion when we’re off the clock. Please consider supporting our Patreon. We’ve got great rewards from subscriptions to full page ads.

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The 5to9 Team

Dave Combs, Editor
Dave Combs has been side hustling for as long as he can remember. His first side hustle was selling his hand-drawn Woody Woodpecker comics for a quarter each to his classmates in elementary school. Since then most of his side hustles have involved art, publishing, or some combination of both.
Email Dave at: 5to9zine@gmail.com

Holly Combs, Creative Director
Holly Combs keeps the boys in line, and makes sure our zines look top notch. She’s also no stranger to side hustling and loves to deliver inspiring talks to all kinds of audiences in addition to her day job as a PIE (Parent Involvement Educator). Her public speaking site is here: hollycombs.com

ChrisRWK (Robots Will Kill), The Guy with a Million Questions
Born and raised in New York.
Comics and cartoons sparked my interest.
Graffiti opened up my view of other types of artwork.
Fine art kept me interested.
Throw in music, family and friends… Oh and some more cartoons and you have ChrisRWK
Find ChrisRWK online at: RobotsWillKill.com