5to9zine can be purchased from these fine retailers.

5to9zine at Galerie F in Chicago

United States

Annapolis, MD

Third Eye Comics

Baltimore, MD

Atomic Books

Birmingham, AL

The Jaybird

Chicago, IL

Galerie F
No Love City

Cleveland Heights, OH

Mac’s Backs – Books on Coventry

Columbus, OH

Wholly Craft

Hood River, OR


Indianapolis, IN

Comic Carnival
Indy CD & Vinyl
Indy Reads Books
Irvington Vinyl & Books

Lowell, MA

Eyeformation Shop

New York, NY

Quimby’s NYC
Robots Will Kill

Orlando, FL

Park Ave CDS

Pensacola, FL

University of West Florida

Phoenix, AZ

Wasted Ink Zine Distro

Portland, OR

Microcosm Publishing

United Kingdom

Kingston upon Hull

Type Slowly