Brands and businesses commonly focus on content creation. They see to it that their web pages rank on searches by using backlinks and keywords. They commonly post visuals like photos and videos. Little do they know that web design is also important. It impacts how people see brands and businesses. These impressions can break or make your online presence.

digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that web design is an important factor in SEO. With Google’s updated algorithm, a poor wen design displays a low level of authority. As such, it also lowers the ranking of a web page during searches. Below, let us take a basic look at 10 web design predictions and trends for 2022.


social media agency Hong Kong defines web design as the process of arranging, conceptualizing, and presenting online content. It goes beyond the aesthetics of a website. Today’s web design focuses more on functionality and user experience. It includes mobile apps, user interfaces, and web applications. The elements of a web design can be categorized into appearance and function. Integration of these elements should optimize the performance and usability of a website.

When it comes to appearance, color plays the most important role when designing a website. It should match the personality and tone of your brand. The second element is content. Text goes hand-in-hand with the visual elements of a website. The font should complement the graphics and images. To boost engagement, a web design should have quality images and powerful icons. Such visuals and written text should be in harmony with each other. According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, videos are becoming increasingly popular as website content. They convey a lot of messages through moving images. A web designer only needs to be sure that they don’t compete with important highlights of a web page. 

The functional elements of a web design are also vital. Navigation should be the main priority of a web designer. It means making it easier for an online user to jump from one web page to another. The user interface relates to how visitors interact using different devices. With more than half of people in the world using mobile devices, your web design should be mobile-optimized. No one will like a slow website. So, keep it as simple as possible to load fast. 


Are you looking forward to modernizing your business website? Here are 10 web design predictions and trends for 2022.

  • Accessibility. Expect to see a trend towards enhancing accessibility. Web designs today allow voice and visual searches. QR codes are also rising as a unique way to find products and services. As predicted, web design in 2022 will continue to incorporate features that don’t rely on keyboard input.
  • Dark Mode. Most social media pages enabled dark mode on backgrounds to avoid the negative effects of blue light. As such, most web designers become obsessed with dark color schemes on websites. They offer an alternative yet vibrant layout that does not strain the user’s eye. 
  • Design for the Thumb. Today mobile devices cover 53% of the Internet traffic. As such, web design today commonly focuses on thumb-scrolling features that have good views, even on a mobile device. An intuitive and simple layout is most likely a web design for the thumb.
  • Dynamic Content.  The COVID-19 pandemic changes the way people search for products and services. Typically, they will search for businesses nearby or local stores. In 2022, one trend is creating a web design with dynamic content. It means that the website displays different information every time a searcher changes location.
  • Dynamic Scrolling. Modern consumers wanted to get the accurate and complete information as fast as they can. That is why dynamic scrolling is very important as a web design trend. With dynamic scrolling, brands and businesses can show a message or tell a story on a website pillar page. The pillar page contains a complete list of your website content for users to easily navigate.
  • Faster Page Load Time. Again, who would want a page that loads slowly? Website visitors will abandon a website that loads for more than 5 seconds. A web design trend calls for 2.4 seconds for a web page to load completely. It is the sweet spot that website visitors love. 
  • Interactive Content. Designers will leverage interactive content as part of the web design when building a site. It is because most online audiences demand a mix of content. They also engage more when their opinions are heard. Polls, quizzes, AR try-ons are just some examples of interactive content.
  • Local SEO. In 2022, expect local SEO to dominate web searches. It is one of the success factors among brands and businesses today. As people search for products and services nearby, it increases website traffic to a certain website. Thus, a web design needs to include a map and the physical location of brands and businesses.
  • Voice Search Optimization. Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and other virtual assistants boost the use of voice searches. It is easier to find information by saying it instead of typing. In 2022, most web designs will be optimized for voice search. This means including conversation languages and long-tail keywords as an SEO tactic. 
  • White Space. When it comes to appearance and design, minimalism and simplicity will prevail in 2022. Like blue light, vibrant layouts can strain the user’s eye. So, web designs need to highlight white space. It can lessen the online noise and unique appeal to online audiences.