Have you ever done or viewed a live video on Instagram? These video formats are prioritized on the newsfeed. That is why Instagrammers commonly receive a notification whenever someone they followed goes on a live broadcast. Here are some Instagram live video tips from a video marketing agency Hong Kong.

A  digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Instagram live is a wonderful platform for brands, businesses, and creators to interact with audiences and followers. It creates a strong bond with the community through real-time interactions. It also increases the visibility of a brand because they are prioritized in feeds.


Instagram live works as part of Instagram Stories. To start a live broadcast, swipe right anywhere on the Instagram feeds and click the live button at the bottom part of the screen. During a live broadcast, the number of viewers is shown on top of the screen and the comments at the bottom. An Instagram live host can:

  • Add photos and videos on the live stream screen
  • Disable and enable commenting.
  • Turn request to join the live broadcast off and on.

Once an Instagrammer goes live, followers receive a notification about it. The profile picture of the host appears on top of the followers’ feeds with a colorful ring with the word live. Instagrammers can view the live video by clicking it. Anyone who uses Instagram live will also bump on top of the Stories feeds. The live video will stay on IG Stories for 24 hours. This means that Instagram live is literally a ticket on top of the Instagram algorithm.


A social media agency Hong Kong has noted some statistics showing that 70 percent of Instagram posts are left unseen. But with Instagram live, it is different. More than 1 million people watch them daily. Around 80 percent of Instagrammers prefer to watch live streams instead of reading blog posts.

In March 2020, Instagram recorded a 70 percent increase on Instagram live. The big leap is due to the lockdowns and social distancing enforced during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, marketers continue posting Instagram live until today. They even engage more in live shopping events. The Instagram live option has significantly promoted online shopping.


Recently, Instagram interviewed 3 Mexican beauties who have been actively creating Instagram live content from May to October 2021. They are:

  • Lupita Cardoza has produced around 235 Facebook and Instagram live streams.
  • Maggie Magaña gathered 54 million views on her live streams.
  • Priscila Arias, the creator of La Fashionista had produced 95 live streams that accumulated 15 million views.

Instagram has noted some best practices behind the success of these three content creators. So, here are some Instagram live video tips.

Answer Fan Questions

The main focus of Instagram live is to boost engagement. This means you will need to interact with the viewers during the live broadcast. It is an opportunity to answer the viewers’ questions in real-time.

Collaborate with Other Creators

Instagram live allows adding up to 3 guests during the real-time broadcast. It will be wise to collaborate with other creators to increase your reach. Once the other creators join your Instagram live video, their followers will also be notified about it.

Lean Into Tutorials

Priscilla has noted that content is what makes an Instagram live successfully. It is not the fancy equipment or innovative props. The best way to create valuable Instagram live content is to teach your viewers how to do something.

Make Sure Your Content Is Personable

Since Instagram live is a part of Stories, it is best to unfold activities in your daily life. Lupita impacts her followers’ day-to-day lives by sharing her daily routines and relevant trends.

Use Live to Make Big Announcement

Maggie found out that a 20-minute-long Instagram live video received better engagement. To maximize the live broadcast, she uses Instagram live to share new ventures, product launches, upcoming events, etc. It is where brands and businesses can make big announcements.

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