Killer Social Media Content Ideas for 2022

Last week, social media passed the 4.5 billion mark! It means that almost 57 percent of the world’s population are using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, social media have strongly influenced modern living.  That is why brands and businesses often include them as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that social media can be an effective tool to build a brand or business. Gone are the days of print ads and TV commercials. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong can use live and recorded videos to promote products and services.

Yet, social media posting can be overwhelming. With lots of competing content, brands and businesses need to find killer social media content ideas. The answer may depend on which platform they are targeting. But, in general, here are some killer social media content ideas for 2022!


Below is a list of the top social media marketing platforms this year:


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 2.91 billion

Facebook is continuously changing and evolving. So, Facebook posts have to be flexible with the changes and updates. Live shopping is recently on the rise among Facebook communities, groups, and pages. But user-generated content still ranks as authentic and engaging. Recently long-form captions are becoming the meat of visual content.


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 1.074 billion

Ever since its launch, Instagram relies heavily on visuals. Posting creative images and videos capture the attention of Instagrammers. A recently added TikTok-like feature is also making waves. GenZers and millennials find Instagram Reels, a 15-second to a 60-second short music clip, more fun and entertaining. Most brands are also using AR effects to give Instagrammers a more immersive buying experience.


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 740 million

LinkedIn is the largest global network of professionals. As such, content on LinkedIn should be educational and valuable. Visuals and videos have also received a lot of engagement these days.


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 689 million

This social media platform has been phenomenal among millennials. Short video clips with popular music tracks are the in-thing when it comes to content.


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 444 million

Most pinners visit Pinterest to find ideas and inspirations. A mix of text and visuals on a pinboard excites users to discover something new. Duplicated, fresh, and ideas pins all top the list of the most engaging content on Pinterest.


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 402 million

Reddit is a community of conversations about hobbies, interests, and passion. Recently, the trending topics on the platform include an eco-friendly environment, maximizing home spaces, and romanticized life of traveling while working remotely.


Total Number of Daily Active Users: 397 million

Users visit Twitter for short-lived conversations and trends. But lately, the platform is now targeting long-term engagement. It recently launched Spaces, live audio conversations that can be downloaded. It has also enabled Carousels to serve as product catalogs. 


Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 293 million

Snapchat is focusing more on augmented reality. It enables AR try-ons to boost AR shopping.


Go Live Behind the Scene

Take advantage of the heat among live streaming today. Go live behind the scene to showcase new employees, new products, new services, and whatever is going on behind the scenes. Such a killer social media content idea makes your brand more authentic. It lets your audience know that they are part of your ventures.

Host Live FAQs, Polls, or Tutorials

FAQs, polls, and tutorials can give value to your audiences and followers on social media. But going live to host them is a killer special media content idea. They allow marketers to connect with the viewers in real-time. They are also great at boosting sales through limited offers. 

Share a Joke, Meme, or Quote 

Whether it be text or visuals, putting an ounce of fun can be a killer social media content idea. A joke, meme, or quote can lighten up a day. Make sure to share one every week. Remember, people love to be motivated and to laugh. 

Share Your Brand Story

Modern consumers value stories behind a brand. They feel connected by supporting a brand’s long-term goals. So, one killer social media content idea is to remind people how you got started and who you are. It may also be smart to turn your employees into brand advocates by sharing their stories. Encourage your fans and followers to share them for a larger reach. Those who feel connected will most likely patronize your brand.

Tell People What You Sell

Sharing images and videos of your products and services let people know what you are selling. Be creative in highlighting what pain points they solve and what unique features make them stand out from the rest. Keep these types of posts at a minimum to avoid being too salesy.