Modern consumers are very skeptical about adverts and promotions. That is why a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of valuable content to lead them on the buying journey. Even a social media agency Hong Kong believes that there should always be a blend of organic content and paid ads when posting on social media. A video marketing agency Hong Kong calls it the 80/20 rule to grow online communities. Below, let us give you some best practices on how to make social media advertising easier.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule states that every marketer should post 80% of organic content that is relevant and valuable to the audience and 20% of paid promotions. It aims to avoid making an impression on a brand or business to be too salesy. The focus is to give something of value to your target audiences. Out of every 5 social media posts, you can use the following content for around 4 times:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Educational posts
  • Entertaining posts
  • Getting to know your audience better
  • Gift guides
  • How-To
  • Industry Related Tips
  • Inspirational posts
  • Sharing the owner’s background
  • Store history
  • Team member introductions
  • Tutorials
  • UGC (User-Generated Content)
  • Unboxing

For the remaining 20%, you can post a product description, product image, a merchandise video, or a sales pitch.

Explore New Social Media Channels

Modern consumers also change their preferences for social media platforms. Although Facebook is still the king, and Instagram & Twitter remain popular, they opt to experiment with new platforms. In other words, brands and businesses should explore other social media channels. LinkedIn is becoming more marketing focus. Pinterest expands its eCommerce tools. Snapchat and WhatsApp evolve from being messaging platforms to multi-messaging promotions. Then, there’s TikTok, prominent for its short music clips.

Give Your Social Networks a Modern Look

Social Media Advertising is constantly changing. New channels emerged. New features and tools can make creatives more enticing. So, social media advertising made easy means giving your social media network a modern look. Nowadays, traditional advertising is no longer effective. Modern consumers tend to favor engaging stories and interactive promotions. As their attention span gets shorter, they prefer eye-catching images and short-form video clips.

Promote People’s Favorites

Social media advertising made easy means swinging through fences for free to discover people’s favorites. Through newsjacking and social listening, see what content from competitors and other brands of the same industry or niche perform best. If a particular content format or theme clucks among the audiences, why not try doubling down posting those types of content.

Tune A/B Experiments

A/B experiment means testing different variations of your ad copies to determine the one that performs best. It may mean different formats, images, tones, or words in your ads and campaigns. Tune them up according to target groups and time frames. See if people want a formal or funnier tone. Try using different backgrounds and colors. Or improvising large and small text fonts playing around with CTAs (call-to-actions). Soon you’ll get a pulse of what works and what doesn’t!