A vital role in online marketing is being a social media manager. Without a doubt, a social media agency Hong Kong highlights that such a role is critical in promoting a brand or business to more than half of the world’s population. For a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a social media manager wears many hats. The role calls for copywriting skills, knowledge of graphic design, and most of all, communication skills. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, the life of social media managers has evolved into a more complex role today. Let’s see how it does so!


A social media manager leads the social media strategy of a brand or business. The role aims to boost the engagement, online presence, and visibility of a brand or business among customers and prospects on social media pages. As a distinct role, the responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • Developing creatives for social media strategies
  • Manage social media handling daily
  • Manage and facilitate social media communities
  • Oversee and plan the social media calendar of a brand or business for different social media platforms
  • Research and evaluate social media metrics for both the brand or business and its competitors
  • Social listening


In the past, around 50% of social media managers had a bachelor’s degree. They are simply creative kids with an affinity for arts and copywriting paired with a vast imagination. There were no determining factors to becoming a social media manager in the 90s. It is only a set of skills that identified their success in such a domain. These include excellent analytical, communicative, and organizational skills.

In a survey of senior social media managers, 9 out of 11 declared that they were creative kids inclined to dance, draw, paint, etc., which resulted in their interest in social media. With the Internet and technological advancement, they landed the role of a social media manager after finishing a bachelor’s course.

It just means that social media is relatively new during that time and is mainly focused on online marketing – no social media pages yet, specific data, no specific platform.


Today, the primary tasks of a social media manager are content curation and social media marketing. Their most significant challenges are generating engagement and publishing unique content. The top skill they need is knowledge in a photo and video editing. But they also require other areas of expertise such as:

  • copywriting
  • graphics design
  • performance analysis
  • social media community management

The life of a social media manager at present starts with reading the news and scrolling social media. It is followed by content planning, customer service, reporting, social media community management, emails, meetings, organizational activities, and social listening.

The resources they need to fulfill these duties are:

  • Budget for promotions
  • CRM software
  • Financial analytics tools
  • Market research tools
  • Social media software
  • Support from other departments

Successful social media managers today have a passion to explore the latest trends. Charisma, organizational skills, and resilience make them stand out from the rest. They also need to be quick in learning the new algorithms, features, and tools as social media platforms are ever-changing.


Most social media managers today are looking ahead to a bright future. It offers amazing opportunities to explore. Online conversations will exponentially grow. AR try-on, NFTs, live shopping, short-form videos, virtual reality, etc., will be the realm of many innovations. But one thing is for sure social media management will remain a vital role in digital marketing.

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