Google is the world’s largest search engine platform. That is why most brands or businesses want tips to rank on Google. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a brand or business will be missing out on a lot of traffic if it failed to land on Google’s first page.

Even a social media agency Hong Kong targets Google ranking to increase customer engagement. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, keeping video content fresh and unique can significantly help SEO. Below, we have compiled some tips to get a higher ranking on Google. Following these steps can get a brand or business visible to its target audiences.

Content is King

Google loves original content. Exert effort to upload fresh and interesting ideas. Google bots pay extra attention to unique pieces of content that show expertise and skills in a discussed subject matter or topic. These pieces of content commonly answer the reader’s question. They provide value more than other web pages could.

Quality content makes you rank higher on search engine page results (SERP). Be sure to correct grammar issues and structure the content using headings, lists, tags, and visuals to make them more engaging and interesting to the online audiences. Another thing to note is the length of the content. Longer blog posts tend to rank higher.

Employ Backlinks

A backlink is a link from another web page. It helps Google crawlers find your website for indexing. Backlinks are an important part of Google’s algorithm. It shows that your website has good connections with reputable references. See to it that you employ backlinks on your content. Getting backlinks from high-quality websites can boost your Google ranking higher.

Employ Keywords Smartly

Keywords are ideas of what your content is all about. They are commonly used by online searchers on the search box within categories, questions, topics, and searches. If you want your site to be found, use keywords that your target audiences will most likely type in the search box of Google.

Make sure that they appear on every phrase or web page. When considering keywords, it is best to use them on alt text and title tags in order to attract more viewers.

Optimize a Webpage for Mobile Use

Google has come mobile-first since 2019. It is because 5.27 billion people now search on Google using their smartphones. That is why every brand or business should optimize a webpage for mobile use and multiple devices.

Do this by creating a responsive website design. Make navigation easier. It means reaching different web pages in just a click or two. See to it that the pages load completely within 2 to 5 seconds.

Website Structure

A brand or business should always have a sitemap for a website. It tells the audience and Google where to find everything faster. A well-designed website architecture should ensure that every page is linked to the homepage and can be navigated easily. If Google crawlers find it easy to understand each page, it may lead to the discovery of new content on your website easily.